The Nom Box

The NOM Box!

The Nom Box
The Nom Box

27 August 2014 (Wed) It was my birthday week and i am totally blown away by this SURPRISE.

Ms Yi Rong, the founder of The Nom Box, hand delivered me this box of awesomeness. Aww… <3 I feel so loved.

The Nom Box is officially launched with this September box and there will be a monthly box henceforth. Both the founders Jie Yong and Yi Rong are freshly out of SMU. It is a quite a risk in our concrete jungle not to work in MNC after graduation! My personal salute to all the fresh entrepreneurs.

“Fueled by our love for food and surprises, and the need for convenience, we thought: why not make things easier? A monthly dessert box subscription service that delights subscribers with a lovely variety of desserts and treats from different cafes around Singapore, and an e-commerce platform that serves as a marketplace for Singaporeans to easily purchase their desserts.” #INSPIRATION

Pralet Cake @caffepralet
Pralet Cake @caffepralet

Hazelnut praline cake with layers of French dark chocolate mousse, on top of a crispy hazelnut wafer layer.

My office colleagues love this cake.

Traditional Baklava @overdoughs

Traditional baklava with almonds, walnuts and pistachios. The shape reminds me of Samosa hehehe

Lemon and Blueberry Bundt Cakes @CarpenterNCook

Sponge Cake infused with lemon zest combined with bursts of fresh blueberries. Perfect to be an afternoon tea cake.

Grape Chips #Aussiehealth

I love the 100% natural grape fruit chips, it has no additional sugar or artificial flavorings and it is crunchy! I gave some to my boss to try; and after few moments he asked me, Rina the chips no more? Yes it is that tasty, i ate it all.

On a separate day at home i drank the tea, it has a flowery smell and kinda calming effect. I went to read up and realised it is an in-house recipe specially created for one who feels stress with life.

Celebration Tea @TeaIdeas

 Inside The Nom Box, the details of the goodies and the merchants are all listed. Hence for this posting, there will not be any #BEST as the merchants are different for each month.

Check out my instagram@RinaLovesLife for my videos:

Opening The Nom Box 1 and Opening The Nom Box 2

I find the subscription base THE NOM BOX living up to their tagline of “Delivering Happiness, One Cake at A Time.” For the experiential plan, just a one off payment of $18 i can discover and enjoy a carefully curated box of desserts and indulgent treats. Honestly i think it is good for office colleagues to share this box together over tea or to present as a Surprise Gift for the colleague.




Order Your Monthly Nom Box here:

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